An absolute irresistible bait for bass and other predator fish.  This realistic look is available in 4 inch and 3.5 inch.  Works great fished alone on a jig or ned hook, or even as a jig trailer.  Even looks great on a bladed-jig or swim jig.  For 3 years, this has been my number one seller year after year and never fails to get a bite, even when the fish are finicky.  


4.25 inches of killer action.  These make great baits fished alone or on a jig.  The bait profile looks much larger than it actually is from the flippers.  The flippers are very thin, causing a very natural, fluid action even when just sitting. 


We've gone prehistoric with this one.  This little bait measures in at 3.25 inch and is an excellent NED bait, slide bait, or jig trailer.  Nope, they've never seen anything like this one!


Ever wanted that twin tail grub with the tail facing out?  Yeah, me too, so I made one.  Approximately 3.5 inches.  Fish it your way!