Dead Shad

One of our biggest swimbaits in our lineup. This lure features a solid belly and plenty of ribs for extra water displacement and vibration. It has excellent swiminng action on a jig head or as a line-through swimbait. This bait is available in multiple sizes. 8, 6, 4.5, 3.5 inches

The Bape

This swimbait features a large body profile, much like the shad that big fish feed on. It features a belly hookslot. It can also be fished on a jig head or as a line through bait. It swims with a slow body wobble and a light tail kick like it doesn't have a care in the world. It also has slightly larger eyes, sure to attract the attention of any predator in the water. This lure also comes in multiple sizes. 7, 5, and 4 inch available.

Extinct Shad

One of your soon to be favorite swimbaits. This 5 inch swimbait features a hookslot and a thin profile. It swims like a real bait fish and is irresistable to a hungry predator.  Available in 5 inch only

Papa Shad 6

Slender body, solid belly swimbait. Excellent on a jig hook or line through. Swims excellent and has a flat fat bottom on it's mouth that mimics a feeding bait fish on the bottom.